what’s what art

Back in the 90’s I studied metaphysics and spiritual healing in a college that was focused on all things spiritual, and I learnt quite a lot of things in regard to and how the mind, body and spirit all related to each other. We did a lot of different kinds of exercises from meditation, reading […]

What to do when bored

  Boredom…we have all been there, some of us monthly, some of us weekly, others of us can glimpse it on a daily basis. When it comes up we often sit there and entertain it like having to acknowledge “that” drunk relative at a wedding. Often we don’t know what to do with it as […]

The law of attraction and exercise

So we all basically know about the benefits of exercising and what it can do for our bodies in terms of weight loss and the like, but exercising for the mind is something that gets glossed over with little emphasis put on the “mental health” benefits. As we are a society that is keen for […]

How to Facebook

I’ve avoided talking about social media till now as it’s a big subject and can be a tricky one in regard to how it can help or hinder you in your quest to making the law of attraction work for you. More importantly, I want to show you how to Facebook the right way and […]

What about google adsense

So what about google adsense I hear you say…well what about it? If you have your own web site or are thinking to build your own site, then I truly suggest that you look no further than google adsense. I’m going to take you through what adsense it and how it can help you in […]

Easy vanilla cupcake recipe

There is nothing like the smell of a cake baking in the oven and the anticipation for all to take a mouthful of the heavenly, sweet goodness when it hits the plate. For me it’s the anticipation of icing the cake and how I’m to present it, which gets me excited more than anything. Baking […]

Memory brain games

There’s a lot of buzz out there in regard to “memory brain games” and how they can improve everything from your memory, to action time and problem solving. All in all these games have some very high expectations to live up to as they are all claiming to do a lot. There is also a […]

Quantum physics for dummies

I am going to give you a basic overall description of quantum physics and how it works in relation to the laws of attraction. This will be a good quantum physics for dummies guide…I hope you enjoy it. Quantum physics is the study of how everything in our universe is made, starting from the physical […]

Powerful prayers that work

When one normally thinks of prayer, one envisions someone kneeling at an altar at the church with clasped hands and sweat on the brow. Prayer and religion have always gone hand in hand and it’s a strong correlation that people make as all religions use prayer in some way or another. Whether it be bowing […]